About Us

We do things a bit differently, for a better result!


Our Story

Aayesha is a social worker who has volunteered and worked in the social services sector for the past 18 years. She believes that each person is unique and has the right to be heard and supported. She believes mental health and personal issues need to be viewed and supported in a holistic way. Her own life journey of joy and challenges puts her in a distinctive position to understand how hard it can get, but also what a peaceful space can look like.

Chameleon Dream has been in the making since 1995 when a young teenage girl was hoping to find someone who would understand her unique challenges of being a Muslim women in a western society. Her fascination with the chameleon’s ability to adapt to its environment, made her determined that one day she should find her own internal peace in a rapidly changing world and help others to do the same. Her dream has finally been realised with Chameleon Dream a registered counseling and consulting practice.